Application Form

The first step is to complete the application form on-line. Please see below.

All sections must be completed.

Each entry must have a separate entry form (one form per individual, group or class entry).

A student may not submit more than one project to any one category in a given year.

Submit the form on-line by pushing the button below once completed.

Is there any equipment in your project that needs to be conected to an electrical socket?
Please provide dimensions of poster or screen space if relevant.

Did you exhibit this project at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition (BTYSTE) in 2017?

If you exhibited this project at the BTYSTE 2017 did you receive any of the following awards?

If your project was entered for BTYSTE 2018 but did not win a prize you may enter it for IYPA 2018. If your project won an award at BTYSTE 2018 it cannot be entered to IYPA. You may enter a different project.

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Print the signature form and collect the signature from your parent / guardian(s), send a scan to us.

Please be sure to write your name and the school in the e-mail.

After submitting your application form you can start working on your entry. See the Participate section on the website for more information.


You will show where your thinking came from through a Visual Thinking Display.

You will show where your thinking brought you in a finished project (your project can be a film, essay, cartoon, podcast or whatever you like).