Come up with a philosophical question.

Explore this question, interrogate it, look at it from every side. You may find an answer, many answers or that it is unanswerable. All of these are fine!


It is up to you what type of exploration you undertake. Perhaps…

  • Find out a bit about the history of the question. Who has tried to answer this in the past? What did they say? What arguments did they use?
  • Talk to your family, friends or teachers and find a range of opinions on the question you have chosen.
  • Do a philosophical enquiry as a group or a class.
  • Look at music, poetry, magazine articles, newspapers, adverts.

Whatever exploration you undertake keep lots of notes. Use your own words, i.e. no copy and paste (apart from quotations). If you quote someone else make sure to say so, and keep a bibliography or a list of all your sources.